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Helping you get ready and stay ready to buy your dream home

We believe being Ready-to-Buy is both about getting yourself in the best possible position to buy your new home and KEEPING you Ready-to-Buy, ensuring your money and finances are in order and that you are the best financial version of yourself at all times.

During our regular podcast, Mark Humphrey of MHC Mortgage & Protection Ltd shares and discusses top tips to help simplify and demystify the world of mortgages, moving home and money!

We know it’s something that can seem really daunting, yet with a little help and guidance can become the exciting and enjoyable experience it should be!

We interview experts from inside and outside of the industry to give you a wider understanding and appreciation of what’s involved and to provide practical guidance on some key things for you to consider.

Season 1 is for anyone looking to buy for the first time, talking you through the process from the very start, right through to picking the keys up for your new home - we promise to share plenty of top tips and guidance along the way, to ensure you’re Ready to Buy…